Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hello Peeps + Happy New Month!

Happy New Month peeps, still thinking of the best way to trick my colleagues in the office*April fool*, they have been decoding too much.
Really should hide my face o, i know i have been missing in action for too long a time. What can i say, it's been amazing, i guess i got swamped by work, being a friend, getting married, being a wife, a mum...please pardon my plenty excuses.

I know how many times i tried blogging and something else gets my attention even though the love and willingness is there. I promise to repent going forward, although, it may not be regular but worthwhile.
Trust ya'all have all been doing great despite all the hussle and bussle.

As for me, i'm working towards shedding the excess weight i gained during pregnancy. It hasn't been easy with breast feeding and all but slow and steady. This makes me wonder how some celebs snap back into shape a lil while after putting to bed. I have decided to work hard to keep in shape, its definitely worth it.
First i had to work on my diet, not exactly doing away with food that my baby can benefit from but switching to those with less calories. E.g Skimmed milk instead of whole cream milk, oatmeal, wheat, veggies, etc.

Self motivation isn't easy most times, but you just have to make up your mind. Set a goal for yourself, and pace by pace, you will start reaping the benefits. 

For all preggy or soon to be preggy ladies out there, i say well done and may God see you through to the very end and for those expecting to be, may your heart desires be granted soonest, Amen!
Join me in keeping fit and looking good once you enter the club, *wink*

Chat you all up soon, stay well and be good.

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